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для тех, кому это интересно..
1976, 999, adam and the ants, adverts, alternative tv, anarchy in the uk, andy blade, billy childish, blank generation, bob geldof, boomtown rats, brian james, britain, british punk, buzzcocks, captain sensible, clockwork orange, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, dave vanian, dee generate, doctors of madness, drainpipe jeans, eater, eddie and hot rods, electric circus, elvis costello, england's dreaming, fishnets, fred vermorel, gary gilmore, generation x, genesis p orridge, hazel o'connor, howard devoto, hugh cornwell, ian curtis, ian dury, jet black, jj burnel, joe strummer, john cooper clarke, john peel, johnny moped, johnny rotten, jon savage, joy division, knox, london, london ss, london's calling, lurkers, madness, magazine, malcolm mclaren, maniacs, marc bolan, mark p, mod-revival, mods, never mind the bollocks, new hormones, new rose, nick kent, nick lowe, nikki sudden, nils stevenson, oi, only ones, orgasm addict, paul morley, paul weller, pete shelley, public image ltd., punk, purple hearts, purple helmets, radiostars, rat scabies, ray stevenson, rich kids, roxy, safety pins, screaming lord sutch, secret affair, sex, sex pistols, sham 69, shane mcgowan, sid vicious, siouxsie sioux, ska, skids, slaughter and the dogs, slits, sniffin' glue, snivelling shits, stiff little fingers, stiff records, swell maps, test tube babies, the boys, the chords, the cigarettes, the circles, the clash, the crooks, the damned, the flys, the jam, the saints, the specials, the stranglers, the undertones, the wire, the yobs, tom robinson band, tony parsons, tv personalities, tv smith, uk, union jack, vibrators, vini reilly, vivienne westwood, wreckless eric, x-ray spex, xtc

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